Julius von Lorentz
Julius von Lorentz

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Julius von Lorentz

Eine gute Idee, die jeder genießen kann


From 30.08. to 13.09.2023 Julius von Lorentz will participate in the 13th International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-City. Out of 114 applications from 32 countries, 12 composers were selected to compose for the Moscow Chamber Music Ensemble or for the CEAM Artists.

The annual international academy is the only and largest international workshop for young composers in Russia (artistic director before 2021 was Dmitri Kourliandski, from 2021 it is Alexander Khubeev). The guest professors are well-known composers who give individual and group lectures. Julius von Lorentz' new work for the Moscow Chamber Music Ensemble will be performed in the final concerts in mid-September in Tchaikovsky and in Moscow.


Skizzen zur neuen Komposition für das MCME